Saturday, August 25, 2012

Myths About Real Estate Agents

There are some myths about real estate agents, many of which are not so flattering. But when it comes down to it, realtors are not too out there, and there is a logical explanation to each misconception. Let's straighten out a couple myths and facts.

Myth #1: They have big hair.
Fact: Though occasionally real estate agents do have big hair, most are regular people who get up in the morning just like you do, and go to work just like you do. Many realtors, in fact, are going bald due to stress related hair loss. Same with the fancy dagger-shaped manicures; in actuality, many real estate agents have bitten their nails down to nubs.

Myth #2: Realtors drive luxury cars while talking on their cell phones.
Fact: It's true that realtors are often trying to do too many things at once, but they like to be careful about it. And though realtors would like to make a good impression on you, more often than not they drive Hondas and Toyotas and hope that their hard work will sell you, not their Lexus.

Myth #3: Realtors know your area.
Fact: Just like normal people, realtors can't know everything. Though they do spend a lot of time driving around town, they can't be in all places at once, and they themselves probably have preferences for one neighborhood versus another. Make it clear to your realtor what kind of area you want to live in, and they can help you look within that section of town.

Myth #4: Realtors live outside of time.
Fact: Real estate agents have lives too, and those lives happen to take place in the same physical realm as yours does. While it might seem like they spend a strangely disproportionate chunk of time speaking with you, they are actually trying to be as time-conscious as possible, so that you can move more quickly into your home and they can move more quickly to helping their next client.

Myth #5: Real Estate Agents just want your money.
Fact: What real estate agents actually want is an easy life. They want to help you find a home you love, and they want to make their (often small) bit of commission off of it (and that's off the sale, not out of your pocket). They do not want your soul or your firstborn, just some patience, consideration, and a positive home-buying experience for all.

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