Sunday, August 19, 2012

3 Commonalities Of Scenario For Vijaya Bank, Punjab National Bank And Doordarshan Recruitment 2013

India is a big country with lots of organisations, which offer golden opportunities of career, prospects and prosperity. Students after passing out and those already in some jobs, all are interested to choose careers in such organisation because they are sure of growth in their personal and professional lives.

Organisations like Vijaya Bank and Punjab National Bank have been well established nationalised banks of the country. Working in these banks is preferred by banking job aspirants because of the versatility in the experience, which they will gain and certain other factors. In the same league, Doordarshan recruitment 2013 can also be included, to come up with 3 common aspects in all these organisations.

Big employers Be it the Vijaya Bank or Punjab National Bank, or even the Doordarshan, all of these are highly coveted organisations of the country. In the banking field, PNB has a good name as a place where customers come for financial transactions of different varieties. Works range from simple transactions to fixed deposits, loans and even investments. With Punjab National Bank and Vijaya bank recruitment 2013, people will be able to work in some of the best organisations of the country. Doordarshan is the public sector television broadcasting corporation, which is responsible for televising variety of entertainment and educational programs. Working in Doordarshan is a privilege and gaining experience for people.

Creative and well paid Through the Doordarshan recruitment 2013, candidates can be posted as editors, station directors, engineering assistants, production assistants and many other positions. These are highly responsible and creative posts, which warrant a handsome salary for the recruits. In the world of banking, probationary officers, as well as specialist officers, who would be appointed after Punjab National Bank recruitment 2013 and Vijaya Bank recruitment 2013, will need to be creative. There is requirement of responsible and creative individuals, who can manage the banking business and help in creating a wider customer base. For this, the officers recruited through these banks are well paid for their services. Salaries of POs and specialist officers in these banks are quite high, competitive to the best in the industry.

Plenty of vacancies Another speciality in the field of Doordarshan recruitment 2013 and Vijaya bank and Punjab National Bank recruitment 2013, which would be common to these organisations, is the large number of positions which would be coming up. In the banking sector, there is need of about hundreds of clerks and probationary officers, because of expansion of banking activities and increase in number of branches. After the recent announcement of Prasar Bharati, more than 1150 jobs in Doordarshan and All India Radio, candidates are upbeat about the large number of positions in different Doordarshan Kendras all around India. For both these banks and in the Prasar Bharati, there will be a good number of positions coming up.

Even though these organisations of Vijaya Bank and Punjab National Bank and the Doordarshan are quite different from each other, the above factors can be seen to give some common perception to them. Candidates, with suitable qualifications and eligibility, can apply for the respective positions, commensurate with their eligibility and secure good careers for them in their professional lives.

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