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Ways to Avoid a Bad Corporate Bankruptcy Attorney

You are bankrupt. This is a financial state that no one wants to be in or confront as an individual or a corporate organization. Therefore, when such a financial situation arises, during the legal process of handling bankruptcy in a court of law ensure you avoid a bad corporate bankruptcy attorney for the job to be well done and shield yourself from a bad image. Below are tips to help in the search for a corporate bankruptcy attorney.

Making an early search is definitely the first step towards ensuring you avoid a bad bankruptcy attorney. Bankruptcy is a bad omen that people tend to sweep under the carpet by procrastination mind games. Bankruptcy, however, is a situation that worsens with time and becomes riskier. Thus last minute rushes do not guarantee any good results in terms of searching for a good corporate bankruptcy attorney. Moreover, even if you succeed to get one, he may not be able to have enough time to familiarize with your case and furnish it the right way.

A corporate attorney cannot be picked out of the phone book, but you need to do some background research on the available service providers in the market. This way you will find an attorney who will handle your case in the right way. In fact, create time and spend a day at a corporate bankruptcy court just to make observations of the court proceedings and analyse how attorneys handle the cases, which will give you ideas in picking your corporate bankruptcy attorney.

When it comes to consulting other people in choosing a corporate bankruptcy attorney, one needs to be very careful. Consultation from the wrong sources can be detrimental. For example, ask only a friend who has had a bankruptcy experience in the past, but not just any friend. A personal attorney can be a great starting point, but also remember bankruptcy is a specialty and in case your attorney offers to handle the case, make sure he understands bankruptcy details. If the personal attorney's credentials do not meet the bankruptcy case needs, seek help from legal professionals rather than through friends to get a good corporate attorney.

Just like in any other profession, you must check whether the corporate bankruptcy attorney is registered by the relevant local board of law or bankruptcy attorneys for that matter. From this, you will be able to weed out the quack attorneys or imposters and those who are substandard.

In addition, visit the corporate attorney's office and look around, to gauge how organized he is because this is a clue of how well the corporate bankruptcy attorney will organize and handle your case. This is because bankruptcy cases involve a lot of paperwork which runs into volumes making good organization very important.

Cost is another important component. It is obvious that you are in a bankruptcy process because you are at the brink of running dry financially. However, just as the saying goes 'cheap is expensive', taking a cheap route in a bankruptcy situation (that is a cheap corporate bankruptcy attorney) could be the most expensive mistakes you would make resulting to a negative outcome for your case.

You will also need an attorney who knows his way around the system and will give his best throughout. This attorney may cost a little higher than others, but is a better guarantee in the long run.

Do not forget to do good background research from local firms, which will aid you in comparing what the selected corporate bankruptcy attorney proposed and the current local trend and standards.

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Walt Disney: A Short Bio

Born on December 5, 1901 in Chicago, Illinois to parents Elias Disney and mother Flora Call Disney Walter E. Disney was the best thing that happened to show business in the last century. Walt's family moved to Marceline, Missouri after his birth where he was brought up in a farm. Drawing caught his imagination ever since he was seven years old and he sold his sketches to his neighbors. Family moved to Chicago again where Disney concentrated both on Drawing and Photography in his high school. He also attended the Academy of Fine Arts at night.

Walt was also attracted to the beauty of nature as he grew up and he began to love and appreciate it. Though his father was particularly opposed to his plans her mother and elder brother Roy encouraged him to pursue his dreams. Disney even tried to get into military service but was rejected because he was only 16 years of age and thus was underage to join military. But he joined Red Cross where he was sent to France and he spent a year there driving ambulance.

After returning from France he pursued a career in commercial art and even started a small company called Laugh-O-Grams which went bankrupt soon. This prompted him to go to Hollywood. It is said he had only one suitcase and with him when he went to Hollywood. His elder brother Roy was living in California, he pooled in 0 and they borrowed another 0 and constructed a camera stand. It didn't take a long wait before they received an order from New York to make the first Alice Comedy and they started producing cartoons in the rear of a real estate office in Hollywood. After successfully making Alice Comedies Walt became a famous figure in Hollywood.

Walt married one of his employees Lillian Bounds and they had two daughters. The cartoon film Mickey Mouse was created in 1928 and his talents were exposed to the world in a silent cartoon called Plane Crazy. The year coincided with the introduction of sound in movies just before the release of the cartoon. The cartoon character Mickey made its screen debut in Steamboat Willie which was the world's first fully synchronized sound cartoon. The cartoon premiered at the Colony Theater in New York on Nov. 18, 1928.

Walt was never content with his work and his quest for excellence made him introduce Technicolor in cartoons in 1932. He used multiplane camera technique in 1937. On December 21, 1937 Walt released the first full length animated musical film called "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs" made at a whopping cost of .5 million. The animated film is still regarded as one of the rare feats of the motion picture industry.

Walt had a studio in Burbank constructed which was ready in 1940 and the employee count went up to 1,000 which comprised of artists, animators, story men and technicians. Disney used combine live action with the cartoon medium in 1945 in the musical "The Three Caballeros". Walt went to make many award winning cartoon films such as "True Life Adventure" series, "The Living Desert" and many more. Disneyland was launched in 1955 with a capital of million and the investment increased by 10 fold within a few years. Walt turned to social causes in 1965 and directed a film on Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow to improve the quality of urban life in America. But Walt Disney died on December 15, 1966 leaving many achievements and unfulfilled dreams behind him.

Walt Disney envisioned and had directed to purchase about forty three square miles of land, double the size of Manhattan Island in central Florida. It took about fifty months to complete the planning and construction of the Walt Disney World which was eventually opened to public on October 1, 1971. Walk Disney was truly a pioneer and visionary of many modern days' technologies. No wonder why he has received more than 950 honors and 48 Oscar awards and 7 Emmy awards. Truly this man stands out for his outstanding contribution to the improvement of art of cartoon making.

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Ownership Helps Home Loan Approval!

Those who are homeowners have special benefits when applying for a home loan. Lenders tend to like homeowners as clients since they believe them to be low risk borrowers that have other assets from which they can recover their money in case problems arise and they have to resort to legal actions.

Since home loans are secured the requirements for approval are less strict in terms of credit. If the applicant is already a homeowner, the lender knows that he has been able to save enough money to purchase a property, or maintain it if he inherited or pay mortgage monthly payments if he financed the purchase.

What Ownership Implies

Ownership implies that you are a low risk for lenders when it comes to loan approval. It means that you probably have been able to meet mortgage monthly payments before and that you have committed to maintaining a property throughout the years. Homeownership tells the lender that you have a sense of responsibility and that he can trust that you'll honor your obligations.

Summing up, homeownership implies for the lender that chances are that you will repay the loan on time and that there are less possibilities that you will default on the loan. And moreover, if for some reason the property value doesn't cover the whole amount of money owed, there are other assets from which the lender can recover his money.

Secured Loan's Requirements

Secured loans have less requirements because the loan is protected by the collateral and the lender can take legal action of repossession against the owner of the property to recover the amount owed by the borrower. The main consequence of this loan characteristic is that credit score and credit history are not such a deal when it comes to secure loan approval.

The main requirement for loan approval when referring to secured loans is the income of the loan applicant. Being able to afford the monthly payments is not good enough. Moreover, the loan installments cannot be higher than 40% of your income because the lender wants to make sure that the applicant won't sacrifice expenses in order to repay the loan because the loan installments are an additional expense that could be cut if the proper situation rises.

Multiple Collateral

Home owners can guarantee approval and greatly reduce the risk involved in a home loan transaction by offering another property as collateral too. Two assets guaranteeing a loan significantly lowers the risk involved for the lender and gives the applicant an opportunity to get a lower interest rate for the same amount of money.

Being able to offer two or more properties as collateral shows the lender your cooperation towards making things easier for him and will probably get you better terms on your home loans. These are the main reasons why it is said that homeownership has plenty of benefits for those who apply for a home loan. And even for those who are just planning to buy a second home or an apartment but don't want to use their other properties as collateral.

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In Defense Of Impotent Men Everywhere

"Wanted: Clear-thinking male. Attractive, successful 35-year-old woman seeks man for good times, days out, nights in, companionship. Must be intelligent and impotent."

On October 7, 1999 a book (and later, movie) by Gaby Hauptmann entitled "Suche impotenten Mann frs Leben" (In Search of an Impotent Man) came out with an interesting premise: maybe the perfect man is an impotent man. At least that's what the protagonist of the novel, Carmen, believes. The sexy, successful thirtysomething real estate maven is tired of being ogled, pawed, and cheated on by the men in her life. By removing the sexual aspect of the relationship, it could leave room for a caring, monogamous relationship. So with the help of her friends Elvira and Laura, Carmen embarks on a crazy quest to find a sensitive, intelligent man with a good sense of humor...but he must be impotent. After posting a personal ad online, Carmen eventually meets the impotent man of her dreams: David, a handsome architect with California surfer-boy looks. But when she finally gets what she thought she wanted, Carmen realizes that she wants to express her love for David in a physical manner. Laura tells Carmen,"You wanted an impotent man, and you've got the impotent man of your dreams and now you want to turn him into a potent superman."

While I wasn't very impressed with the movie, it did make me think---in real life, how can an impotent man find a partner in the sex-crazed world we live in?

Impotence, or erectile dysfunction, is a condition characterized by the repeated inability to obtain or maintain an erection. Erections are managed by two different mechanisms, the reflex and the psychogenic erection. Reflex erections are achieved by directly touching male shaft. Psychogenic erections are achieved by erotic or emotional stimuli. Erectile dysfunction can be caused by psychological issues, stress, alcohol abuse, smoking, hormonal deficiency, or diseases like diabetes and cardiovascular disease. While there are no formal tests being done to specifically diagnose it, several tests are helpful in determining if there is an underlying medical or psychological condition causing it. When the cause is determined, the proper course of treatment will then be prescribed. Patients will have the option to take either testosterone injections, oral prescriptions, direct injections to the shaft, vacuum pumps, surgery, or in cases of psychological issues, counseling. Apart from those there are other, more unconventional treatments available, like herbal medicine, acupuncture, or experimental medicine. However, since the brain controls the libido, the placebo effect cannot be dismissed as a possible cause for the treatment's efficacy.

It is unfortunate that men view sex and the ability to obtain an erection as an integral part of their masculinity. Thus, erectile dysfunction will cause the sufferer to feel performance anxiety every time he has sex, and the anxiety will further affect his ability to maintain the erection. Its up to their partners to ensure that their sexual relationship remains mutually satisfying regardless of the condition. One key aspect to this is improving communication between the couple. A spirit of fun and openness will go a long way to ensure that the relationship remains healthy during the toughest times.

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Debt Settlement And Credit Damage

One of the primary reasons people fear enrolling into a debt settlement program is that they fear credit damage. This article examines how and why debt settlement can hurt one's credit score and the expected damage from utilizing such a service.

Debt settlement itself does not hurt one's credit. Unlike bankruptcy, it does not appear as separate listing on one's credit report that independently affects one's scores. Therefore it is not the service itself but the requirements of the service that can do the credit damage.

Creditors are willing to settle because a client cannot afford payments and is likely to be unable to pay anything and may even go bankrupt. Therefore to prove this hardship, debts must be at least 90 days late before a creditor would consider settling the debt. It is these lates and the potential new collection listings if and when the debt goes into collections that create the credit damage. It is noteworthy that many clients that consider debt settlement already have lates and collections on their accounts due to hardship and therefore for the most part the credit damage is already done and therefore debt settlement is not likely to make the struggling person's credit appreciably worse. Overall the typical debt settlement client is likely to have a series of lates on accounts enrolled in the program and several collection accounts on their credit report.

After each settlement is successfully made the account will read settled for less than full balance on one's credit report with a balance of . These settlements on their own will not help one's credit rapidly go to a high score, as a paid negative on credit is still a negative. The former debt settlement client is likely going to need to rebuild credit after the program is over as well if he or she wishes to have a high credit score.

Rebuilding and restoring credit after a debt settlement program is complete does not take all that long if the appropriate steps are taken. The client should consider credit repair to remove any inaccurate derogatory information. Credit will need to be built also, starting with secured lines of credit, loans, and credit cards. Within a year credit scores can be brought to very high levels, often even higher than before the settlement process began. Also, since the debt settlement program did not list as s separate entity on one's report the client is unlikely to be red flagged for the debt settlement for years afterwards as one experiences after a bankruptcy discharge.

All in all debt settlement can be a good option for the right candidate but it is certainly not the right path for everyone. The candidate should be experiencing real hardship because of their debts. The candidate should have looked into other options that were available when their credit was good. The candidate should be looking to avoid bankruptcy or other drastic measure. And the candidate should be aware that over the short term they can expect their credit to get worse. The debt settlement candidate should realize that their credit would have eventually gotten worse anyhow due to their hardship and that something must be lost for them to make the very tangible gain of a new debt-free lease on life.

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Myths About Real Estate Agents

There are some myths about real estate agents, many of which are not so flattering. But when it comes down to it, realtors are not too out there, and there is a logical explanation to each misconception. Let's straighten out a couple myths and facts.

Myth #1: They have big hair.
Fact: Though occasionally real estate agents do have big hair, most are regular people who get up in the morning just like you do, and go to work just like you do. Many realtors, in fact, are going bald due to stress related hair loss. Same with the fancy dagger-shaped manicures; in actuality, many real estate agents have bitten their nails down to nubs.

Myth #2: Realtors drive luxury cars while talking on their cell phones.
Fact: It's true that realtors are often trying to do too many things at once, but they like to be careful about it. And though realtors would like to make a good impression on you, more often than not they drive Hondas and Toyotas and hope that their hard work will sell you, not their Lexus.

Myth #3: Realtors know your area.
Fact: Just like normal people, realtors can't know everything. Though they do spend a lot of time driving around town, they can't be in all places at once, and they themselves probably have preferences for one neighborhood versus another. Make it clear to your realtor what kind of area you want to live in, and they can help you look within that section of town.

Myth #4: Realtors live outside of time.
Fact: Real estate agents have lives too, and those lives happen to take place in the same physical realm as yours does. While it might seem like they spend a strangely disproportionate chunk of time speaking with you, they are actually trying to be as time-conscious as possible, so that you can move more quickly into your home and they can move more quickly to helping their next client.

Myth #5: Real Estate Agents just want your money.
Fact: What real estate agents actually want is an easy life. They want to help you find a home you love, and they want to make their (often small) bit of commission off of it (and that's off the sale, not out of your pocket). They do not want your soul or your firstborn, just some patience, consideration, and a positive home-buying experience for all.

Why Businesses Are Buying Commercial Real Estate

Commercial real estate has long been one of the most valuable types of property in most cities. This is property that is zoned for businesses to move into it. In recent years, many businesses have closed their doors or been foreclosed on. The economic conditions led many businesses to leave behind this property because, simply, they could not afford it. Yet, things are turning around and the demand for quality pieces is growing. Why is now the time to buy, then? You may be surprised by the advantages present today.

Cities Need It

No matter if the city owns the property or if the sales tax revenue is low, cities need businesses to move in and to fill up these empty storefronts and vacant buildings. Not only is it bad for the city as a whole but it is also putting schools at risk since many depend on that tax funding. When it comes down to it, commercial real estate is something cities want to fill up. Many are offering great incentives and deals to get businesses to move in. It all adds to the jobs and the bottom line of the city.

Rates Are Low

Interest rates on mortgages are low. They are likely to remain low, too. That means that financing the purchase of these buildings is highly affordable. It is far more affordable to buy now for this reason than it was just a few years ago. This may mean that those companies that wanted to open their doors and buy but could not do so before can do so right now. It makes financial good sense to do so now. The incentives to do so are too good to pass up for many companies looking to expand.

Values Are Low

The value of commercial real estate has fallen in many markets substantially. With the rise in foreclosures and a saturated market, it has become a buyer's market for this industry. As a result, there are great values to be had by any buyer looking for them. Buying a large storefront right now, for example, could cost you 75 percent or even 50 percent of the cost it was several years ago, depending on the market you are in. This is a huge savings and the prime reason to buy and expand.

Commercial real estate is valuable in nearly all areas. Before you can invest, though, you need to find an agent who can help you to make the right buying decisions. With the right help, you may finally be able to get your company's doors open and serving the public in the area you want to be in.

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A Conversation With Legendary Copywriter Gary Bencivenga - Part 3 Of 6

Welcome, Business-Builder!

I'm sure you've heard of Gary Bencivenga.

Only a handful of copywriters in our generation have ever competed at anywhere near Gary's level over the long haul. And if our little fraternity held an election today, Gary Bencivenga would be unanimously elected King.

The following is Part 3 of my six-part interview with master copywriter, Gary Bencivenga.

Clayton: You had a fantastic article in one of the early issues of Bencivenga Bullets on, if I remember correctly, the two most important words in advertising. You said, it's not you, it's not free, it's yeah, sure.

Gary: I gave a seminar at Rodale once. I had the good fortune to never have lost a split run test at Rodale against some very tough competition selling books for the book division. I competed against Gene Schwartz and most of the top names out there, and I never lost.

So they called me in to ask, How are you doing this? Tell us the approach that you're following. So I ran through a whole list of headlines from their advertising, as well as many other examples from our daily lives. For example, what politicians promise every November I'm never going to raise your taxes and I'm going to give you universal health care ... I'm going to get rid of crime in our schools. And what does everybody say once that's out of their mouths? They say, Yeah, sure.

That's the biggest problem that most B-level copywriters face. They're always looking for ways to increase the strength of their headline, and the easiest way, apparently, is to increase the hype or ratchet up the promise. But usually that's going on in the wrong direction because you're sounding more like the politician who is promising an even more undeliverable promise.

You're usually much better with an under-promising headline. A great example that I learned in the days that I was working with Dan Rosenthal was for one of our clients who sold gold and silver coins and bullion. In this case it was an ad for silver. The headline was a famous headline that ran for many years, Why the price of silver may rise steeply. Thinking I was such a hot-shot copywriter, I said to Dan Rosenthal, who I believe was the author of that headline and the great, great ad that followed it, I said, Why are you saying, may rise'? You should test a headline that sounds a little stronger, a little bolder, such as Why the price of silver will rise steeply.' That way it sounds, Dan, like you believe what you're predicting.

So we tested my version and, of course, it bombed. Because of that disbelief factor. Most investors are savvy. So as soon as you promise something that really is unknowable such as will rise, they know that you can't predict the future. But when you build in a little bit of understatement, you suck them right in.

So I've learned to apply that principle in many, many headlines. One of my best headlines for Hume Publishing was Get Rich Slowly. I created an enemy out of all of the get rich quick investment courses and opportunities out there by saying, Look, if you're tired of all the hype, this is the course that you should be buying because if you got ,000 to ,000 to put aside each year, this is a course that could easily get you to the million mark. It's not going to happen in three, four or even five years, but if you want to retire with million and can only put ,000 aside in an IRA each year, this is how it's done.

That ad was virtually unbeatable for several years with a headline that the client didn't even want to test, Get Rich Slowly. They said, Gary, have you lost your mind? Who wants to get rich slowly? So I said, Look, people are so tired of get rich quick,' it's not believable anymore. Nobody buys without belief, so if you advertise something that can be believed, then most of the battle is already won.

Clayton: I think it kind of ties into that the Lies, Lies, Lies package you did for Mark Skousen's Forecasts & Strategies. It was really wonderful because there's not even a hint of a benefit in your main headline. It simply seized on a resident emotion the skepticism and frustration of investors who had heard it all, tried it all and were continually disappointed. And then in the deck copy, you came on with Why we investors are sick and tired of these things that are happening to us. And then the real payoff was, How getting richer is the best revenge. I'm doing that just from memory that's how powerful it was.

Gary: You remember it better than I do.

Clayton: Yeah, I still remember that headline. I can still visualize the package and the wonderful cartoons they used.

Gary: That was an example of humor actually working in copy. We took every target of anger that an investor can have lying politicians, with a cartoon of a classic looking politician, taking an oath to the flag, and if you look closely, his fingers are crossed. And he says, I promise never again to raise taxes.

Clayton: And the broker in a pinstriped suit behind a desk, smoking a cigar.

Gary: And the guy from the IRS was Darth Vader. The cartoons were just wonderful and that added a little bit of that entertainment factor you were talking about before but in an appropriate way. It was part and parcel of the sale.

Clayton: There were a couple of things that I loved about that. One was the little phrase, we investors in the deck copy. Because it immediately got Skousen on the side of the reader, it immediately made us friends.

Gary: That's a great technique to use. Instead of the usual I'm trying to sell you something, which sort of sets up immediately in the reader's mind a you-versus-me mentality, I found a way to shift gears by saying, it's you and me against these other guys. And if you can create an enemy in your copy, that's what happens. You set up a three-point discussion and you come around from your side of the desk to be on the reader's side of the desk and then it's you and the reader against the enemy that you're railing against.

It's a very effective psychological and copy technique to use because it takes the copywriter out of the role of trying to sell the prospect something and puts them both on the same side, as if the copywriter were a friend, consumer advisor, and helper.

Clayton: There's another thing about that headline that's very instructive, especially as I look back on it now. People often wonder why Rush Limbaugh, for example, is so successful. He has no real product to sell. He doesn't make your life better in any way. There are no benefits, really, for buying his books. But the service he provides for you is that he puts your thoughts and your feelings assuming you're in agreement with his politics into words. He gives you an outlet for the emotions that you're feeling about the things that are happening in the country. That emotional release is valuable to people, and as a result, 20 million people listen to him every week on the radio and buy his books and newsletters and so forth.

I felt that the Lies, Lies, Lies package did something very similar and it did it beautifully. It was one of the first-rate resident emotion packages that simply went to a group of people who had strong feelings about the subject at hand and spoke to those feelings, and by doing so, validated them. But they were actionable feelings and you were able to come back with a solution, a way to assuage that frustration in those people. I felt that was so much more powerful than simply going back to them as one more direct mail package promising huge profits.

Gary: That's a very astute analysis, Clayton. I think what helped me to create that package and this is something I do before I start any assignment was to ask, What are we really selling? And you try to come up with different answers to that question. If it's a newsletter, everybody had always answered, We're selling investment tips. But since there was so much competition from other copywriters and other publishers selling the same kind of investment tips, I reasoned if we change the answer to the question what are we really selling? we can open a whole new way to talk to our market.

So what are we really selling when we sell a newsletter from an investment advisor who wants to advise you on the most important financial decisions of your life? Well you're really selling a set of values, a partnership with somebody that you have to trust. The best way to come to trust somebody is to see that they do share your same values.

I call this the Credo Technique of Copywriting. The first issue of Bencivenga Bullets is about this technique. In fact, in that bullet I say what I believe about advertising. I believe advertising is designed to sell and not to win awards and applause. I believe you can always sell with integrity. I give the other beliefs, very strongly held beliefs that I have about advertising and that accomplishes a couple of things.

Number one, it tells what I'm about and if you have the same values, then we're a match. So I sell you on me before I try to sell anything else. If you sell not only the end product that the advisor or the person behind the product of service is offering whether it's the chiropractor who's selling his services or attorney or whoever it is but also mention the person's values that you also feel very strongly about, you sort of bond with them in a way that's much more powerful than any list of how-tos or other types of bullets purely based on information. You're bonding with them on a level of trust, which makes you different from every other person out there who is just trying to sell something because they want to sell it.

Clayton: Gary, studying every one of your packages has been just eye opening for me and one of the things that struck me was that you consistently made a friend before you asked for the sale.

Gary: I think you have to do that because people don't buy from other people unless they believe them and unless they trust them. If you don't sell yourself first, you're trying to short circuit the process by just rushing to the close of the sale too early.

Salesmanship has changed over the years. It used to be, in the days of Elmer Wheeler and Sell the Sizzle and Not the Steak, the life insurance agent or the real estate broker would try to corner you and answer every objection you could raise and just out of exhaustion, the hapless prospect would buy the policy or agree to do whatever the salesman wants.

But you know something? You don't see door-to-door salesmen much anymore. I haven't seen one in years. Why is that? It's because salesmanship has changed. We've all been marketed to so much, we won't stand for being manipulated that way anymore. We've evolved from a nation of much more easily-manipulated prospects to tough customers.

So if you just try to come onto people with the same old forms of salesmanship that used to work 10 to 20 years ago, they just don't work anymore because a) you don't have my trust; b) you don't have my values; and c) you're not my friend and I'm not going to buy from you unless I first have those feelings.

There's a great movie about this called Boiler Room, where they show how these people who used to do telephone marketing from the boiler room would have scripts with the snappiest comebacks to anything that the person might say about why they may not buy. They would try to embarrass people into making an investment over the phone. That way of selling, in most cases, is dying.

This is especially true in our field, where we try to sell to 1,000 or a million people at once. They could blow us off without us even knowing about it just by tossing our mail or clicking delete. Given that, I think that the best way to be selling anybody in the marketplace now is to win a friend first and the best way to do that is through an e-zine.

More and more, ice cold direct mail packages sent to ice cold prospects are going to fare poorly compared to promotions sent by people who have an e-zine relationship with somebody. And by that I mean an e-zine that really gives very high value as opposed to selling so much. I counsel people in all markets of goods and services to really develop a relationship with their prospects through a very valuable e-zine. Hold back on the selling. Establish a relationship of giving very valuable helpful information first and then introduce the sales later.

Even with e-zines, I get so many of them now, and I don't even open them much anymore. I send most of them to an email address I have at a place called Spam Arrest. And I'll just go down and check them all to be deleted. And then I'll uncheck maybe three that I'll want to read. The others get automatically deleted when I hit the return key. I delete them just based on the subject lines. And we all do this.

I only open those e-zines where there's going to be honest to goodness nuggets of information, not just another sales pitch. So most of the people out there, even with e-zine marketing, they've gotten the technology right but they don't have the psychology right.

Win a friend first and then try to sell later. It's so much easier to sell something to somebody who you have a relationship with. So the first sale that you have to make is that relationship, not the product.

Clayton: And that's what I feel that you've done in so many of your direct mail packages. In the Skousen package, the line We investors are fed up was that way because friendship is quite often based on commonality. Instead of the vaunted expert touting his past successes, you just climb in the boat with the prospect.

Gary: And I feel that's so much easier to do once you've established an e-zine relationship with your prospects. You can capture names very easily with an e-zine if you give good information and use that as a basis for growing your own list.

It's much easier to sell something to somebody who's satisfied with the relationship with you and with your past performance. And that's one of the most important principles of marketing and yet so many people just ignore it.

So many people in the internet marketing world just want to find that one hot product to sell, make a fortune, then find another hot product to sell in a totally different market. But business just doesn't work that way. You need to find a product or service from which you can get lots of repeat business because that's the most profitable and easiest business when people are coming back to you again and again.

To be continued in Part 4

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Why Wells Fargo Home Loans With Bad Credit Are A Leading Option

It is no secret that not all mortgage providers are the same. While many big names boast an extensive nationwide reach, and others affordable mortgage packages, very few can boast both at the same time. But Wells Fargo is one of them, making home purchase financing affordable for every pocket. In fact, getting Wells Fargo home loans with bad credit is arguably the least complicated process.

Wells Fargo is a huge name in the US mortgage sector, but it has grown chiefly as a result of specializing in solution-orientated mortgage products to bad credit borrowers and those in difficult financial situations. This makes them a favorite amongst those applicants seeking approval despite low credit scores.

The range of products available is such that practically every kind of home loan situation can be successfully addressed, from reverse mortgages to the adjustable rate mortgage. But it also structures mortgage programs to suit specific home buyer situations.

Who Is Wells Fargo?

As already mentioned, Wells Fargo is one of the largest mortgage providers in the US today. In fact, of every 16 homes sold in the country, Wells Fargo has sold one of them. But it is its commitment to affordable lending that has earned it its reputation. Little wonder that getting a Wells Fargo home loan with bad credit ratings is so possible.

In recent years, it has grown further, buying into the mortgage giant, Wachovia Corporation, and spreading its reputation for granting approval despite low credit scores to a wider market.

This merger, effectively created an unbeatable mortgage corporation, ensuring its customers gets the very best in services, offers, policies and care when they seek or secure a home loan.

Home Loan Options Available

It would be easy to look upon Wells Fargo as just another mortgage provider, but the company has grown to dominate the US home financing sector for a very good reason - it offers services that borrowers need. Getting Wells Fargo home loans with bad credit scores is straightforward, but the options available offer solutions to specific needs too.

In fact, there is considerable effort on the part of the company to structure individual loans in a way that benefits the borrower. So, getting approval despite low credit scores is just a start, with fast and reliable services that are void of those frustrating bureaucratic dead ends.

Amongst this list of services and home loan products are affordable New Home Construction loans, competitive Home Equity Loans, helpful and supportive First Time Buyers Programs and carefully agreed Timed Withdrawals Programs, where repayments are cued to ensure no late or missed mortgage payments.

Wells Fargo Extra Services

Most mortgage providers are happy to offer consultation services, but when seeking a Wells Fargo home loan with bad credit scores, borrowers can benefit from a greater level of customer care. It is not just about good terms and competitively low interest rates, but ensuring the mortgage deal suits the borrower.

There are several programs available, but arguably the most valuable are the provision of closing guarantees, credit counseling and loan counseling. While getting approval despite low credit scores is important, successfully closing the deal is crucial. Wells Fargo can guarantee the deal is closed properly, thus removing uncertainties.

Credit counseling provides prospective applicants with advice on how to boost their credit scores in advance of submitting an application, to increase the chances of getting a better home loan deal. Loan counseling, meanwhile, is designed for first-time home buyers, with Wells Fargo offering a step-by-step guide to help them through the entire mortgage loan process.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

3 Commonalities Of Scenario For Vijaya Bank, Punjab National Bank And Doordarshan Recruitment 2013

India is a big country with lots of organisations, which offer golden opportunities of career, prospects and prosperity. Students after passing out and those already in some jobs, all are interested to choose careers in such organisation because they are sure of growth in their personal and professional lives.

Organisations like Vijaya Bank and Punjab National Bank have been well established nationalised banks of the country. Working in these banks is preferred by banking job aspirants because of the versatility in the experience, which they will gain and certain other factors. In the same league, Doordarshan recruitment 2013 can also be included, to come up with 3 common aspects in all these organisations.

Big employers Be it the Vijaya Bank or Punjab National Bank, or even the Doordarshan, all of these are highly coveted organisations of the country. In the banking field, PNB has a good name as a place where customers come for financial transactions of different varieties. Works range from simple transactions to fixed deposits, loans and even investments. With Punjab National Bank and Vijaya bank recruitment 2013, people will be able to work in some of the best organisations of the country. Doordarshan is the public sector television broadcasting corporation, which is responsible for televising variety of entertainment and educational programs. Working in Doordarshan is a privilege and gaining experience for people.

Creative and well paid Through the Doordarshan recruitment 2013, candidates can be posted as editors, station directors, engineering assistants, production assistants and many other positions. These are highly responsible and creative posts, which warrant a handsome salary for the recruits. In the world of banking, probationary officers, as well as specialist officers, who would be appointed after Punjab National Bank recruitment 2013 and Vijaya Bank recruitment 2013, will need to be creative. There is requirement of responsible and creative individuals, who can manage the banking business and help in creating a wider customer base. For this, the officers recruited through these banks are well paid for their services. Salaries of POs and specialist officers in these banks are quite high, competitive to the best in the industry.

Plenty of vacancies Another speciality in the field of Doordarshan recruitment 2013 and Vijaya bank and Punjab National Bank recruitment 2013, which would be common to these organisations, is the large number of positions which would be coming up. In the banking sector, there is need of about hundreds of clerks and probationary officers, because of expansion of banking activities and increase in number of branches. After the recent announcement of Prasar Bharati, more than 1150 jobs in Doordarshan and All India Radio, candidates are upbeat about the large number of positions in different Doordarshan Kendras all around India. For both these banks and in the Prasar Bharati, there will be a good number of positions coming up.

Even though these organisations of Vijaya Bank and Punjab National Bank and the Doordarshan are quite different from each other, the above factors can be seen to give some common perception to them. Candidates, with suitable qualifications and eligibility, can apply for the respective positions, commensurate with their eligibility and secure good careers for them in their professional lives.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Equipment Finance and Leasing Options

1. Equipment Rental

Equipment leasing is generally used for tiny items of apparatus, particularly office equipment such as computers and photocopiers. Simply, you have to pay a fee for use of the apparatus which might be for the fixed length of time, after which the apparatus is taken back, or in a more permanent or lengthened time period through regular transactions. There is also the potential of purchasing the equipment from the arranged leasing period. Leasing payments are generally completely tax-deductible.

2. Equipment Lease

There is certainly more than one kind of lease:

Your functioning or fully looked after lease: which will be when you do not have problems regarding the equipment you're renting. It can be fully maintained for you, so you accept upgrades when appropriate. Basically, you pay the supplier for the apparatus which is looked after for you. This kind of leasing which has a number of advantages, including you are not left having outmoded equipment, you haven't any servicing or repair expenses and you have no initial capital outlay.

Finance Lease: with a finance lease you have to pay a month-to-month rental for any equipment, with which has an decided residual value that one could pay if you want to obtain the ownership. Now this residual figure can be agreed between an individual and the leasor belonging to the apparatus at the time the agreement is done. You will be liable for servicing, although the payments are really tax deductible as there are simply no capital expenses.

3. Commercial Hire Purchase

Many people are generally no stranger to hire purchasing from a consumer angle, where you make regular monthly installments til you have paid the full cost of the product. In fact, it is less common now, as outright loans which now have taken their position where you own the item on purchase, and pay that finance provider, whereas with hire purchase you pay the merchant, which owns the goods til you have finalized your repayments.

Using commercial hire purchase of equipment, you only own the item with your last repayment, and just the interest you pay is tax deductible. Essentially, the owner is hiring the equipment to you, however on the last transaction the title transfers to you. Still, you would be responsible regarding upkeep, repair and also the destruction.

The extensive benefits to you of a commercial hire purchase of equipment are that you may structure the payments to fit your profits, you have no capital expense, and you will definitely think it is easy to budget those regular arrangements.

Chattel Mortgage

A chattel mortgage is different from hire purchase in that you own the gear. Your company includes a charge for your goods, in the same manner that they would have for your home in case of an additional mortgage. Meaning that should you sell the apparatus prior to paying off the chattel mortgage, the lender would have primary call on the proceeds to fund the remaining account balance prior to you get a single thing. You can find this kind of finance if the equipment is above 50% for organisation use.

You can request a balloon payment at the conclusion of your timeframe if you have reason to think that you will be ?n a position to meet a lump sum at that time. There's usually a maximum term of around five years in a chattel mortgage. It offers a few benefits, such as no capital outlay, so you can initiate your organization with little capital, you can start off paying less, making a larger payment by the end of the duration the moment you are actually on your feet, and there are specific tax benefits.

A chattel mortgage for products are a well known means of industrial equipment finance for top grade plant.

Lo Doc Equipment Finance

Lo Doc finance is made available for those such as self-employed that do not contain the usual documentation, like income tax returns and salary slips. Companies are generally offered this sort of finance to buy equipment with quite a few interest rate deals.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Bad Credit Home Loan Pre-approval: A User's Guide

What is home loan pre-approval? Though many potential home buyers are familiar with the term pre-approval, many are ashamed to admit that they are clueless as to what it really means. This article seeks to shed some light on this important step in the home buying process as well as give you some basic definitions and tips as you move forward towards owning your own home. In addition, I will cover the basics of using the pre-approval process in getting a bad credit home loan.

Pre-Approval Basics

When people go into a bank or a mortgage broker looking to achieve a pre-approval letter to purchase a home, they will be subject to some intense scrutiny. Basically, the lender will ask to look not only at your credit report, but also all of your financial and income records for the past several years. This lender, who is about to give you a lot of money in order to purchase a new home, will need to take a deep look into your ability to pay each month in order to assess the level of risk that you will present.

Before You Go

Since the purpose of getting pre-approval is to show sellers that you are both willing and able to buy their home, you will want to make sure that you are ready for the challenge. This means that before you even set foot into a mortgage broker's office or call one on the phone, that you consider how much money you can comfortably afford each month in housing costs. Utilize free internet tools such as home loan calculators in order to have a clear picture of what you can afford each month. This will prepare you so you are not disappointed once the process starts.

Getting Your Pre-Approval

There are several documents that you will need ready when you go to a pre-approval meeting. This includes:

A lending application with a statement of goals (both financial and personal)

A purchase agreement for the home you presently own (if applicable)

Your most recent tax returns

A detailed list of monthly household expenses

Those with bad credit will also be responsible for explaining why their credit is in the position it is and will also need to furnish bankruptcy documents if this was a factor in your poor credit score.

Once all of these documents have been submitted and reviewed by a lender, they will get back to you with the details of your preapproval. This will include a list of all the appropriate numbers that apply to your home purchase. You will be told home much they will loan you, the rate of interest they will charge, the term of the loan, as well as the down payment they require.

Special Considerations for Bad Credit Loans

Those with bad credit will be subject to the same scrutiny as everyone else with the additional assessment of their current financial abilities as they relate to past mistakes. You will often have to account for the conditions of your bad credit and explain how you plan to remedy these problems in the future in order to get your bad credit home loan. Be prepared to incur a much higher interest rate than what you see advertised because of this circumstance.

Getting the Home You Want

From start to finish, getting bad credit home loan pre-approval will generally take 60-90 days. Afterwards, you will be given a letter to furnish to sellers with a statement that you can afford any offer that you put forth. Through this method, you are able to walk into the home buying process with a virtual blank check, ready to get the home you want.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Types Of Online Payday Loans

Online payday loans make it easy for people to get access to quick cash when they need it. While the basic idea behind all of these payday loans is similar, there are a few different types for consumers to consider. Understanding the difference between these loans can help the consumer choose the best one for his situation. Here are some of the different types of payday loans that a consumer can find online.

Faxless Payday Loans

One type of payday loan that a consumer could pursue is a faxless payday loan. With this type of loan, the applicant does not have to provide any additional documentation via fax. With many payday loans, the applicant has to provide some kind of pay stub or other document that shows how much income he makes. With a faxless payday loan, the individual does not need to provide any other documentation. The payday lender simply takes the applicant at his word as far as how much money he claims he makes on a regular basis. These loans are very simple to get approved for, and they can speed up the process of getting the money.

Instant Approval Payday Loans

Another type of loan is the instant payday loan. As the name suggests, this type of loan provides approval almost right away after an application has been submitted. These payday loans are based on an automated approval process. Once the application has been submitted, the system looks for certain information to make sure that it is within the lending standards of the payday lender. As long as everything checks out, the applicant will be approved right away. At that point, the money from the payday lender can be transferred to the applicant's bank account within a short period of time.

Bad Credit Loans

Bad credit loans are also available for individuals who are interested in payday loans. With this type of loan, the applicant's credit history does not come into play. The lender does not look at the applicant's credit history. Instead, the lender simply verifies that the applicant makes enough money on a monthly basis to get approved. If the applicant's income is within a certain range, the lender will approve the loan. These loans are ideal for individuals who have been through a bankruptcy, a foreclosure or some other negative financial event.

Interest-Free Payday Loans

In some cases, consumers can find interest-free payday loans in the market. These are rare, but sometimes, payday lenders will offer a special promotion to try to get people involved with them. For example, they may offer a free one week loan for new customers. With this type of loan, the consumer can borrow up to a certain amount of money and then pay it back without any interest as long as the loan is paid back within a certain amount of time. This can provide the applicant with essentially free money as long as they pay it back in a timely manner. Other lenders may offer a free payday loan for small loans below a certain value. For instance, any loans under 0 may be free as long as they are paid back within the allotted time frame. This makes it easy for people to afford to be able to borrow money when they are in a tight financial situation.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Pre Paid Auto Leasing

A pre-paid auto lease is a new lease type that has found a place in the leasing market. With this prepaid lease, the consumer can forego the regular cycle of monthly payments of the lease, that is, if they pay a large amount of money at the start of the contract.

Actually, there are two types of amounts involved in the common auto lease that incur expenses and determine the lease payments every month. First of this amount is the depreciation charge. This accounts for the approximated value that the vehicle loses throughout the term of the lease.

Second type of amount is the residual cost, which is actually the value of the car that is projected at the termination of the contract. If you add up these two common charges, you come up with the lease payments you need to meet every month.

The concept behind the one payment pre-paid auto lease is to be able to remove the financial charges involved in deprecation. The consumer only accounts for the charges on residual value via a long pre paid payment at the start of the auto lease.

A single payment vehicle lease is invented with the budget conscious buyer in mind. With this type of lease, he does not have to worry about monthly payments. He can have a new vehicle every few years. What is more important is the no-interest purchase of car at the end of contract. For those who loathe having to deal with monthly payments and has a big ready cash for initial payment, then this type of lease is for you.

Human Resource Key Performance Indicators For Finance

Finance, always topical , of interest to everyone regardless of sex, color or creed, monetary values that are monitored by key performance indicators. Human resource operators manage and monitor real time trade environments.

Finance is an irremovable sector of the rich tapestry of life some say finance is management of finance in a modular scientific format. It is modular as the science extends across public finance, business finance and personal finance. Astute finance managers implement an array of KPIs which may be supported by real time alerts when trading in real time stock markets and exchanges. Financial modules will depending on the trading environment be subjected to risk factors. Time factors influence the timeline which is best suited to buy or sell finance. When trading in finance a potpourri of commodities one may wish to trade in are gold, reinsurance, government bonds, rubber markets, stock markets and of course currency markets. There is also a number of alternative commodity trading options, as in agriculture and farming both products and livestock are trading commodities. A fisherman generates finance by dealing in fish. A computer manufacturer generates finance by selling computers and PCs. Collectively when
there is no finance there is likely to be no business.

Human resource is one of the backbones of business, similar to the foundations of a building once the foundations are implemented one can then start building on the foundation base platform. Business can be established by adopting similar principles namely set up a human resource team of workers, then build up your business by using the skill sets and benefits that the HR foundations enable you to build a business upon. One element of control in business that requires 365/24/7 monitoring and control are costs, all FD's Financial Directors and Financial controllers need data to process costs, audit sales, audit profit and loss balance sheets. When KPIs are integrated into system data and audit data can be easily delivered to the financial controller. Methods of data transfer include email transfer, SMS delivery, Cloud computer storage gateway delivery etc etc.

Un audited finance should never exist in 2010 all the necessary control and monitoring resources are available for access. Regardless of whether it is a human resource or a computerized system that generates KPIs Key Performance Indicators.

Ensure that all your finance issues are controlled and monitored by specialized computer applications and systems that will manage, monitor and alert control your companies finance division.

There is an inherent synergy between Human Resource, Key Performance Indicators, for Finance. They are that when one combines together HR with KPIs and Finance one achieves a cohesion of three elements that when properly blended into a companies financial business process produce accurate managed data analysis Warning to one and all when dealing in finance it is essential to understand that trading in finance has many risk areas, most risk factors can be negated if one ensures that the necessary management tools and resources are implanted and/or absorbed into the financial control process.

When you control your financial software applications, you will have your company finances under control

Control all your personal and company finances now!

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Binbase- The Importance Of Bin Database

Nowadays, in this electronic age, loads of transactions are carried out online, by means of the Internet, which in fact creates a huge risk of becoming a victim of fake transactions. It is very important to use effectual defensive measures to ascertain a secure online transaction. One presently accessible effectual measure is using the Binbase or the bank identification number database, which features on all credit cards.

By means of the binbase database, you can immediately find out whether a particular credit card is in fake or not. So, what exactly the IIN or Binbase is? As a matter of fact, the Binbase means the bank identification number database while the IIN stands for the issuer identification number. Usually, the first six numbers of your credit card is referred to as the BIN. These numbers allow the binbase checker to find out which issuer has issued a particular credit card.

Binbase database is an innovative system, which traces and records each and every debit and credit card purchases, by means of a networking structure. Increasingly, companies and merchants are making use of this system on a daily basis. The Binbase has turned out to be extremely popular among merchants, who trade their products online. Frequently online merchants are losing considerable amount of money owing to fraudulent online debit and credit card purchases.
Why online merchants find it difficult to put an end to debit and credit card scams? The answer is very simply.

It is only because a lot of online merchants unfortunately don't utilize the Binbase. When online merchants don't make use of the binbase software, they are in fact taking a huge risk by authorizing a credit card. This is almost like a gamble, since by not taking advantage of the Binbase, the online merchants are not being able to be completely sure that the credit card, which they are accepting is a genuine one or not.

In case the credit card fails to get authorization, then the online merchant will have to bear losses. The card might have been reported stolen or lost by the card owner or the card has been immobilized by the bank, which issued it. The Binbase is capable of making contact with the card issuer's system, by means of networking to find the real status of the card. This gives the issuer the option to either decline or accept the card.

The binbase bank can retrieve information about the issuer as well as the cardholder. This enables the merchant to make out whether a card used for buying a product is genuine or not. Thus, Binbase is vital since it saves a significant amount of time and money of the merchant.

Insurance companies, nowadays, are making use of the Binbase system as a quicker and more precise means to detect the client with matching insurance data. Thus, this shows that Binbase database is extremely crucial for the businesses, consumer as well as the merchant. Being capable of running a Binbase lookup is necessary and it enables you to find out where and what the debit or credit card is all about.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Texas Cash Out Refinance Brings More Money To Homeowners

Texas cash out refinance is a special type of mortgage loan that Texas homeowners nowadays can apply for. This loan can be defined as a combination of a refinance loan and a home equity loan. In these conditions, the house owner can apply for a new loan to refinance the current mortgage, but he most add to the necessary amount of money on the home equity, thus ensuing in a Texas cash out refinance loan. This means that the owner will then have to pay the current mortgage loan while carrying on the refinance funds remnants for his or her usage.

If your son for instance is planning to go to college and even if he will receive educational financial support and scholarships, you may have to help him financially for the next four years. You can therefore compare the specific terms and rates for student loans with a Texas cash out refinance option and check if you can make some extra savings. One of the best things with mortgage refinancing is that taxes are already deducted in the interest. Another scenario may be that soon after you purchased a one bedroom and one bathroom house you have to find a bigger home to settle in with your family and have kids. If you still have a mortgage to pay, real estate agents will probably have a hard time trying to sell your property. Because of that, you may pay your existing mortgage using Texas cash out refinance funds. This way you can gain your money back as soon as that property is sold.

Texas Cash Out Refinance
However, there are cases when Texas cash out refinance is not the best option. One of these situations is if you have credit card debts that are far beyond your repayment possibilities and you want to consolidate them and lower the interest rate. Obtaining a ten year financing for your credit can be quite a challenging task, as you would have to keep paying for the credit card bills for ten more years. In this situation, applying for a home equity loan would be the right choice. This is because a home equity loan usually has lower closing costs, and if you have a great credit, you may be able to benefit from no closing costs. However, Texas cash out refinance would require you to pay the same closing costs as the ones with regular mortgage. The only benefit here is that you can generally secure in a lower interest rate compared to the home equity loans.

If you as a Texas homeowner engage yourself to repay a previous loan, you must first ensure you are aware of all the conditions that come with Texas cash out refinance plans and how your situation is affected. The total amount that is going to be repaid is often disregarded by lenders during the negotiation and agreement process. The borrower should be able to fully understand what he or she prepays, including defrayal charges or additional closing costs, as this is going to be his or her new mortgage.

The Mangroves Of Abu Dhabi

Are you looking for information on the mangroves of Abu Dhabi? How about details on Abu Dhabi property? You've come to the right place! Below you will find a wide variety of information on these subjects.

The Mangroves of Abu Dhabi
Abu Dhabi has a wide selection of deep mangroves that attract tourists from across the world. Many tourists visit the mangroves to enjoy activities such as kayaking where they see schools of fish and crustaceans. Thanks to a mix of saltwater and freshwater, mangroves flourish in the Abu Dhabi area; however, mangrove areas are diminishing due to the excessive use of water from wells. The mangroves also attract a large number of birdwatchers during the spring and summer migrations that come to view special species of birds such as the reef heron. There are a number of other watersport activities to be found in the mangrove areas such as windsurfing, in addition to boat trips around the creeks.

Abu Dhabi Property
Whether you're planning a long stay in Abu Dhabi or even the possibility of moving to the city for employment, you will find a broad range of Abu Dhabi property online. Also known as the Garden of the Gulf, Abu Dhabi is the capital of the UAE, and is said to be one of the richest cities in the world. Located about an hour drive south of Dubai, Abu Dhabi has a wide range of activities attracting tourists from across the world including: water skiing, diving, boat hire, jet skis and to top it all off fantastic beaches! If you are looking for an enjoyable city to live, work and play in you have to choose Abu Dhabi.

Where to Find Abu Dhabi Property
From apartments to villas, you will find a wide selection of Abu Dhabi property online. The Internet is a great source of information, especially if you are looking for details on Abu Dhabi. Average prices to the best areas to live in, Abu Dhabi property information online will help you make the perfect choice no matter what your budget is. You can also find a selection of Abu Dhabi property information in newspapers in the UAE. The leading English Daily the Gulf News has a classifieds property section that can be found on its website with Abu Dhabi property being listed. The UAE has a number of real estate agents that have websites with picture galleries of Abu Dhabi property.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Get A Home Loan With Bad Credit: Three Additional Factors

The idea of owning one's own home is very appealing to everyone. After all, it is an important part of the American Dream. However, is it possible to qualify for home loans with bad credit? What steps do you need to take to insure that you can find the financing you need for your home despite your poor credit situation? This article will review three important additional factors that can make all the difference in your ability to find a home loan with bad credit.

Factor #1: Down Payment

If you have bad credit, home loans will be far easier to come by if you can offer a large down payment. A good rule of thumb is to save at least 20% of the total purchase price of your home. The impact of a large down payment on your ability to find a home loan with bad credit is two-fold:

1. It reduces the loan's principle amount.

The more cash you have to offer the bank, the less money they need to offer you in a home loan. This means that you will be more likely to qualify for the home loan you want since it is for a lower sum. Your bad credit will still be a factor, but the lower principle will make the risk less for the bank or lender.

2. It shows you have reformed your ways.

Many people develop bad credit due to two factors: too much spending and/or not enough income. That is, bad credit is often the result of missed and late payments on outstanding debt. Though it is easy to fall into hard times and accumulate bad credit, recovering from a poor credit score is a lot harder especially if bankruptcy is involved. Therefore, providing a large sum as a down payment on your home loan will show a lender that you have become more financially responsible. This will go a long way in helping the lender trust that you are ready and able to take on the responsibility of a home loan.

Factor #2: Home Cost

Again, there are two main factors that will impact a lender's decision to give you a home loan in this section. The cost that you pay for the home you want impacts the lender's ability to help you out. Obviously, the lower the cost of the home, the lower the loan needed. Negotiating a lower purchase price or shopping around to find a house with the idea price will make a lender see how serious you are about affording your loan. Know your limits and stick to them.

Also, cost is important because of a little thing called equity. Majority of the people who were burned in the housing bubble bust of the late 2000's had to foreclose on their homes because they were underwater on their mortgage payments. This means that the value of the house was less than the amount that they owed in the loan. Making sure to negotiate price and get an independent assessment on the home you want to buy will help you to avoid that same fate.

Factor #3: Choosing the Best Lender

The final factor that you need to consider in finding a home loan with bad credit is who is lending you the money. Generally, traditional banks and local credit unions are less likely to work with borrowers who have credit issues. Therefore, online lenders are a better bet.

Make sure that you shop around for your home loan, talking to 3-5 different online lenders in order to get the best price. Generally, these lenders specialize in bad credit lending and can help you find a home loan with bad credit easily.