Sunday, May 20, 2012

The United Mileage Plus Platinum Business Card - How To Gain Points for Business Travel

United Airlines has teamed up with Visa in order to bring small business owners a credit card that offers the opportunity to grow your business through readily available funds while combining the usage of the card with United Mileage points to help take some of the costs out of your airline travel. This is an ideal card for a business owner who flies a lot in order to make the business a success.

Your points will begin to accumulate immediately after you start to use your United Mileage Plus Platinum Business Card. After your first purchase using the card, you will automatically receive 17,500 free points on your account! After the initial bonus, you can look forward to receiving various miles depending on your purchases. Purchases through United will earn you 2 miles for every dollar you spend, up to a maximum of 150,000 miles. For every other purchase, you will receive one mile for every dollar spent.

In addition to the miles you can accumulate, the United Mileage Plus Platinum Card offers users Travel Certificates. These certificates include a free one way, 1,000 mile one class upgrade certificate and a United travel discount certificate.

Because the United Mileage Plus Platinum Card is made available through Visa, users of the card are entitled to all of the benefits Visa offers. Some of these benefits include 24 hour emergency and travel services, and the ability to monitor your credit card account through secure online channels.

As with other air points credit card programs, the United Mileage Plus Platinum Card charges a fairly high APR of 17.99%. There is no introductory period, so users of the card are charged this fee immediately. There is also a annual fee that you must pay in return for the ability to use the card.

As far as other APRs, this credit card does not offer very competitive rates when compared with other cards. Balance transfer APRs when you wish to consolidate your outstanding balances are 18.24%. If you use the card to secure a cash advance, you will be charged a 24.24% APR. There are also fees for both services of 3% of the amount, with minimum fees applicable, although there is a maximum fee of on balance transfers.

This particular means of achieving credit for your business includes a minimum finance fee of and a grace period of 20 days. Default and other fees are also fairly high; default APR is calculated at 32.24%, while late payment fees are charged if under 0 and if over 0. Users of this card may also want to be aware that there is a 3% transaction fee if they wish to convert money into foreign currency, either into US dollars or into a foreign currency.

The United Mileage Plus Platinum Card also incorporates a lot of fine print in its agreement, so make sure that you take the time and are familiar with the terms of the application process.

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