Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Selling Car Parts On Ebay, A Simple Start Up Part 3

Delivering The Parts

Always use recorded or 'signed for delivery' with a tracking number. That way there is a record of the item being posted and of its delivery. For expensive or fragile items such as glass, lights and instruments always use insured delivery for the full replacement cost of the item (i.e. how much you would have to pay to obtain a second hand replacement). Make sure you cover your back 99.99% of customers are honest but you will encounter one of the others sooner or later.

Always ensure that parts are shipped in suitable protective packaging. No matter how much care our parcel services take inevitably losses and damage occurs so cover all contingencies and follow the advice above.

Accept as many forms of payment as you can, make it easy for the purchaser to pay you. Accept checks, PayPal (if you have a business account you can accept credit and debit card payments) always offer a 30 day Return To Base no quibble warranty on all parts, this will instil confidence in your buyers.
Breakers yards do substantial business and there is no reason to suppose that you could not do the same on a smaller scale. You may even decide to specialise in one make of car.

So you really need to focus in one area to see if you can find a profitable niche to trade in. Let us look at car valeting and valeting products.
Build Your Business

Look at adding value to your business by selling a complimentary range of products, even a basic search for Car Parts returns 1,769,742 results, we really would have to be talented not to find an area we could profit from.
This search returns a more modest and manageable number of products.

The car accessories sub category has a lot of products listed so this might be a good area in which to start our research. By changing our search words and using variations on them we will obtain different results. It always pays to think like a buyer and not a seller.

We could look at selling all manor of add on products, just spend 30 minutes or so browsing the category to see the range of products for sale. Use the completed items search to find items that are hot sellers, this will give us a starting point for sourcing similar products.

Next step is finding a supplier, we can use wholesalers to obtains stock but the difficult part is how to find them. China the major player on the world stage for the manufacture of all types of products covering a multitude of niche areas. It is a lot easier to import products than is commonly thought.

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