Monday, April 23, 2012


As such, more and more people are looking for an opportunity to have one. But some do not have enough cash to buy a brand new Audi. For others, they do not intend to purchase a new car to own for a long duration. If you are planning to get an Audi, would you want to buy brand new or simply lease the Audi that you are dreaming of?

The most sensible move would be to lease an Audi. Leasing is definitely a practical and economical way to get the Audi model that you want to buy. It costs less to lease the car than purchasing a brand new one. For example, the prices of brand new Audi range from around ,000 (Audi TT) to over 0,000 (2009 Audi R8). The monthly payments could be a real headache. If you lease, however, the monthly rate will be at a considerably lower level. You may also be offered an option to buy or re-lease the car after the lease duration or return it and lease another, newer model.

For people who do not intend to own an Audi for too long, leasing is the most valuable choice. They can choose the duration of the lease. There are Audi leasing companies that offer choices for the length of the plan aside from having an option which unit you would want to lease, depending on its availability. The payment terms are also flexible, so you can select a plan that fits your budget.

Leasing also saves you from the trouble of the depreciating value of the car. Today, the value of cars decline rapidly, as more models and versions with better qualities are being produced almost every year. Because of that, the prices of used cars become significantly lower. With just one or two years from purchasing the brand new unit, its price shrinks below 50% from its original cost. So if you have purchased a brand new Audi car, and you plan to sell it after some time, you will surely be on the losing end. The car that you bought at a high cost will have a drastically low rate when you sell it so consider contract hire instead.

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